Enriched Assessment with Technology

These are resources for Shelly Fryer’s presentation and workshop, “Enriched Assessment with Technology.” All of Shelly’s past and upcoming presentations are available.  Questions? Contact Shelly via Twitter (@sfryer) or using this contact form.

Slides from the August 25, 2017 presentation at iPadPaloozaOU are available.


  1. Best use of student technology: Creating, Making and Sharing
  2. Key Requirement: Digital Space to Save and Share Student Work (Seesaw)
  3. Begin enriching assessment by SUBSTITUTING technology in a project you already do (The Digital Learning Journey: SAMR)

iPad Apps

  1. Seesaw (free)
  2. i-Nigma (free)
  3. ChatterPix Kids (free)
  4. Shadow Puppet EDU (free)
  5. Pic Collage Kids (free)
  6. Opinion Podcasts (free)
  7. Koma Koma (free)
  8. Book Creator (paid)
  9. Green Screen by DoInk (paid)

Shared Vocabulary

  1. Share Square
  2. Hamburger (or hot dog)
  3. Add an item (+)
  4. Photo/Camera Roll
  5. Screen Shot
  6. Edit Item
  7. Save to Camera Roll
  8. Share to Seesaw in a Folder

Project Examples

Narrated Photo / Art

  1. Fluency: What Makes an Atom? (0:24)
  2. Student Writing: “In Room 108 We Welcome the Herdmans” (0:18)
  3. Narrated Art: “I Made an ISS” (0:23)

Paper Slide Video

  1. Bats… Friend or Foe? (2:46)
  2. Who I am In Room 108 (2:07)
  3. How To Create a Paper Slide Video (1:14)

Green Screen

  1. #Room108 Students Respond: “I Have a Dream…” (short version) (3:02)
  2. Dance Passion Project  – 4th Grade (3:44)


The SAMR framework (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) is helpful to keep in mind as we enrich assessment with technology. The video “SAMR in 120 Seconds” provides a good overview.

Workshop Technology Requirements

For demonstration presentations:

  1. Wifi Internet connection
  2. iPad projector connection (AppleTV or VGA/HDMI cable for iPad video adapter)
  3. Audio speakers
  4. Internet filter opened to YouTube, Seesaw, and iTunes

For Hands-On Workshops, also:

  1. iPads for all participants
  2. iPad apps listed above installed on participant iPads

VIDEO FAQs (coming)

  1. What is enriched assessment using technology?
  2. Why is making, creating and sharing important with technology?
  3. How can making, creating & sharing with technology address multiple intelligences?
  4. Why is a digital space to save and share student work important?
  5. How can teachers start SUBSTITUTING (in SAMR) using technology?
  6. Why do all teachers need “Technology 101” skills?
  7. How can we help teachers feel positive and confident about classroom technology integration?
  8. How can teachers shift from paper-based to digital learning?
  9. Where can teachers create a digital file cabinet of student work?
  10. How can teachers better connect and share student work with parents?


  1. Background: Technology 101 Skills for Teachers (blog post, 20 Nov 2016)
  2. Improve Student Literacy Skills with iPad Audio (presentation resources)
  3. iPad Media Camp: Project Matrix
  4. Show With Media: 12 iPad media projects your students can create and share
  5. Past and upcoming presentations by Shelly Fryer (resource links and recordings)
  6. Shelly Fryer’s classroom website: classroom.shellyfryer.com
  7. Room 108 Classroom YouTube Channel
  8. Past Presentation Slides
    1. December 2016 at Cleveland Elementary (OKCPS)

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