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Bringing ART into the Elementary STEM Classroom

Tomorrow after school I am sharing a presentation over Zoom on, “Bringing ART into the Elementary STEM Classroom” for pre-service teachers at Kansas State University, taught by my friend, Cyndi Danner-Kuhn. (@EdtechksuCyndi) These are the slides I’ll be sharing, mainly talking about several lesson examples and strategies for integrating art vocabulary and skills into our third grade STEM classroom. There is a difference between “art enhanced” and “integrated art” lessons, where the lesson integrates specific art content, vocabulary and skills. Many of these ideas build on professional development I did with Oklahoma A+ Schools.

I’m looking forward to sharing these ideas with future teachers!

Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment

Tomorrow I am sharing a one hour workshop at Cleveland Elementary School in Oklahoma City on “Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment.” I’m sharing this as a fellow for Oklahoma A+ Schools. My goal is to help teachers learn to make, create and share using technology as a powerful tool for assessment.

My husband included some of these project examples in his presentation last week, “Great Classroom iPad Projects and Activities.” I have included more of my classroom SeeSaw student projects in tomorrow’s presentation, which are “level 2 projects” in the iPad Media Camp project matrix.

Sharing Our Learning on Our Classroom Radio Show

In two weeks, I will be attending and presenting at the iPadPalooza conference in Austin, Texas.  Today, Wes and I spent several hours planning and creating my third presentation about classroom podcasts and radio shows: “The Room 108 Radio Show.”

I create our podcast episodes on my iPhone using the free app, Opinion. Our shows are embedded on our classroom website and linked on the Opinion website for free. I also share links to our episodes on Twitter.

I never imagined myself as a podcaster. This is one of the things Wes encouraged me to do as an activity in our classroom when I started teaching again 3 years ago. Wes has been creating and listening to podcasts for many years.

Podcasting turned out to be one of the best things we did all year to integrate our learning and help my students share their voices outside our classroom walls with others. Our classroom radio show was instrumental in helping me build our classroom culture throughout the year. We used our podcast in our closing classroom meetings to share out our learning, and also to showcase and highlight things we learned from visitors who came into our classroom. This year, those visitors included Kevin Durant and Enes Kanter from the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. Visitors also included Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hoffmeister, Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt, and Stillwater author Alton Carter. Last year Oklahoma Senator James Lankford visited, among other people. Our classroom podcast has provided a great way for us to reflect on and share about these experiences with others.

iPads in Maker Studio: Global Maker Day 2016

I’m looking forward to sharing a presentation today for Global Maker Day 2016. The title of my presentation is “iPads in Maker Studio.” The description is:

Learn how our third and fourth grade students use their iPads in our maker studio to document their learning and share both inside and outside our classroom. See how apps for photo collages, green screen videos, making ebooks, coding apps, and Lego Stopmotion are essential digital tools in our classroom maker studio for creating and sharing.

My presentation for Global Maker Day will be shared as a Google Hangout, which I’m hoping will be recorded so it can be shared later for those who can’t attend live. I’ve created a Google Slideshow for my presentation, which is linked from my classroom website and embedded below.

To watch this presentation live, register (FREE) for Global Maker Day and then head over to the Design Google Hangout Room for the conference at 11 am Eastern / 10 am Central / 9 am Mountain / 8 am Eastern time. If it’s available later, I’ll add a link to the recorded video for this session in this post. In addition, I’ll be sharing this as one of my breakout sessions at iPadPalooza 2016 in Austin later in June!

Added 5/19/2016: An audio recording of my presentation is available.

Added 5/25/2016: The archived Google Hangout video of this presentation is available.

I’ve also created a list of all the iPad apps I’m sharing in my presentation.