shellyfryer-may2016Shelly Fryer enjoys presenting keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions at educational conferences. As a 3rd and 4th grade classroom teacher, she has the most availability to present at conferences during the summer, but also has limited availability during the academic year. A list of past and upcoming presentations by Shelly is available on her classroom website. Learn more about Shelly by reading her about page.

A higher resolution photo of her headshot is available for conference programs and promotional websites. Thanks to Katie Hayes Lake (@katiehayesluke) for taking this photo!

Shelly’s current presentations include:

  1.  iPads in Maker Studio
  2.  iPad Apps for Literacy
  3. The Room 108 Radio Show
  4. Green Screen Movies
  5. Classroom MakerSpaces
  6. Student Passion Projects
  7. Classroom iPad Integration Strategies

As an urban teacher in Oklahoma City  at Positive Tomorrows, Shelly also can address:

  • educating homeless children
  • educating children in poverty
  • the importance of being a trauma-informed teacher
  • the importance of building relationships with students and families
  • helping students with mindfulness and resiliency

Shelly is working on a book and social media empowerment project with her husband, Wesley (@wfryer), called “Inside and Outside Sharing.”

Learn more about Shelly’s presentations by listening to the May 2016 podcast interview,  “Classroom Passion Projects, Maker Studio & Digital Citizenship with Shelly Fryer.”

Watch Shelly’s entire presentation in May 2016 for the National PBS Broadcaster’s Conference in Chicago.

In June 2016, Shelly and Wes Fryer presented a mini-keynote at the iPadPalooza Conference in Austin, Texas. Their topic was “the power of outside sharing in schools.’

Watch or listen to Shelly’s May 2016 online presentation for Global Maker Day, “iPads in Maker Studio.”

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