Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment

Tomorrow I am sharing a one hour workshop at Cleveland Elementary School in Oklahoma City on “Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment.” I’m sharing this as a fellow for Oklahoma A+ Schools. My goal is to help teachers learn to make, create and share using technology as a powerful tool for assessment.

My husband included some of these project examples in his presentation last week, “Great Classroom iPad Projects and Activities.” I have included more of my classroom SeeSaw student projects in tomorrow’s presentation, which are “level 2 projects” in the iPad Media Camp project matrix.

One thought on “Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment”

  1. I love what you have done here. I think integrating technology into the classroom is a great way to get students motivated about learning new material. I love how you comment on technology being used correctly and effectively in the classroom. Often times, I feel as though iPads are given to students and their is now real pupose behind it. I love the passion you and your husband have for education. It is so inspiring to see that as a future educator. What you do for your students is incredible and I hope one day to have as great an impact on my students as I know you have on yours. Thank You.

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